Fuda automobile parts Co., Ltd. of Rui'an established in 1984, located in Singapore side industrial area of Rui'an of Zhejiang Province. There is advanced electron that regulates the testboard, silicon rectification and regulates the appearance, makes 20 all kinds of detecting instruments testboards up. Produce and assemble 2 assembly lines. The gold is cut, pressed the workshop has rich processing strength. The annual production capacity reaches 2,600,000 sets. It is that Rui'an 《observes contracts and keeps promise》 unit up to standard of《standardized management of economic contract》.
Our factory has talent for scientific and technological development, perfect quality certification system, the remarkable properties of product," Fuda "'s brand enjoys a widespread reputation on the domestic market. Regulator series, Relay series, Flasher series, sensor series, switch series,fan impeller series, Wheel cover series,wiper blade series,automobile speed alarm series,etc. of electrical machinery, series of light button and leaf of fan obtain the masses of user's favorable comments.Every performance index enterprise accuse of index exceed the domestic like product.
Rely on the generous corporate culture and scientific operation,implement the scale,brand,more educated and jointly melting and producing management strategy,innovate after realizing the business strategy,brand operational innovation, produce system innovation and marketing way to innovate. Form management science,requiring strictly best in quality,the price is reasonable, serve the first-class distinct characteristic,have shown the plentiful vigor and stamina of the automobile fitting of " Fuda ".